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Welcome, I'm Brittany

Every time I look at my wedding photographs, I am filled with joy. I love that photos have the power to take us back in time and remind us of our very best moments. I am a photographer because I want you to feel that same nostalgic joy.

Your wedding day will go by quickly and it is my life’s passion to capture every memory so you can be completely present on your special day.

I shoot using medium format film because I believe in providing my clients with the most beautiful and timeless photographs possible.  Although digital imagery is still beautiful, it simply cannot recreate the luminosity, rich color tones, and softness of a film photograph. Besides the quality of the images themselves, I also love film because it allows me to slow down and truly connect with my clients. Instead of rapidly shooting on a digital camera, each image is carefully crafted and photographed with intention which means a slower-paced and all around more beautiful experience for you.

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There's something so relaxing about a candle burning. My husband gives me a hard time about the size of my candle collection.

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My Story

I was born and raised in the great state of Texas where I met and married my high school sweetheart, Caleb. We have a 2.5 year old boy, Hudson, and we welcomed our sweet baby girl, Mallie, into the world in November 2021. When I'm not behind my camera, I love to snuggle with my babies, praise Jesus, collect fresh flowers, cheer on my alma mater, Texas A&M, and tackle DIY projects while channeling my inner Joanna Gaines. With a degree in event planning, I draw on my love for timelines and schedules to provide my couples with a streamlined experience. My work is often described as joyful, authentic and romantic which I contribute to my use of medium format film.

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